We, Crowd Groups, provide services for placing high-quality backlinks on the Internet, from various sources (forums, blogs, profiles, comments on videos, etc., etc.).

Service Agreement:

  1. Guarantee for the links placed by us – 1 month. If the link is removed within a month, we will replace it for free. If the link is deleted later than a month later, it cannot be replaced and also refunded. If for some reason disputes are brought against payments received by us more than a month ago (for example, in the PayPal system, where buyer protection is valid for six months, this is more than our warranty period) - we will dispute the cancellation of the payment, with reference to our agreement.
  2. Most often, we do not take an advance payment from the buyer: We issue an invoice only after we submit a report on the work done. Exceptions: We can request a 50% down payment if the project cost is more than $200 or from a new client. We will request the remaining 50% of the project cost after the submission of the progress report.
  3. The client is obliged to pay for the work within 5 working days after receiving the report.
  4. If the client refuses to pay for the work, - we have every right to remove all the works we have posted, within the period that we indicate in personal correspondence with the client (that is, an additional waiting time for payment - usually an additional week). If, after an additional waiting time for payment has passed - payment has not been received - we delete our works.
  5. If the customer disputes the payment (for example, in the PayPal system) for the work that we have completed in full, and the dispute is not resolved in our favor - we reserve the right to remove the work we have completed.
  6. We are obliged to complete our work within the agreed timeframe, we can be 5 days late from the deadline at most / or, by agreement with the client, ask for additional time (if the project has certain difficulties that are not comparable with the established deadlines).
  7. If we have taken an advance payment from the client (usually 50%) and cannot cope with the project: we must either complete the amount of work for the amount of the advance payment, or make a refund to the client + 20% of the amount received for the inconvenience caused and the loss of time waiting for the work to be completed .
  8. We have the right to raise prices for our servicesby informing the customer of this in advance. If there are already requests for projects from the client at the time of notification of the price increase, then these projects must be carried out by us at the old prices.
  9. We have the right to refuse to accept projects, at your discretion: it can be both a negative experience of cooperation, and complexity in the TK. Or, if we have a sufficient number of projects in the work and it is not possible for us to take on even more projects.


The client should remember that: if he does not pay for the work performed, or disputes the payment for the work performed in full, we have the full right to delete the work we have completed. If, for any reason, it will be impossible to remove part of the work, we have the right to refute what we have published on the pages. That is, we have the right to write on pages where deletion is impossible that the service cannot be trusted, etc., etc. - based on personal experience of cooperation with the client.