White hat vs. black hat vs. gray hat SEO

Embarking on your adventure of building links , you can find references to the tactics of white, black and gray hats. What are they and how do they affect the positioning of the site? You should definitely take a closer look at them!

White hat SEO is the activity of positioning pages in accordance with the recommendations of search engines. Actions taken with this method do not increase the likelihood that the website will be penalized by the algorithm. It is mainly focused on implementing ethical SEO, consistent visibility in search results, and optimizing websites that meet recipient expectations.

Black hat SEO is an activity aimed at achieving a quick, but not completely permanent effect from the positioning of a website. This practice involves breaking instructions and using manipulation tactics. These actions may result in the website being blocked by the search engine.

Gray hat SEO – we can say that this is a mixture of black and white SEO. Actions of this type are mainly based on the use of inaccuracies and understatements in Google recommendations for minor manipulation of search results. However, the line between a gray hat and a black hat is very thin. In many cases, a gray hat can be disastrous for website owners and, as a result, counterproductive.

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  1. While embarking on my SEO adventure, I came across such suggestions for white hat, black hat and gray hat tactics within SEO itself. What they were, I didn’t even understand then ...

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