How to promote the site? Learn about effective methods!

Progressive digitalization is forcing almost every company to invest in their own website. However, having an online website is not the end of the activity, but its beginning. Just having a website in today's highly competitive market is not enough. Success requires effective and efficient marketing, which will further influence the positioning of the site.

How to promote a website online, what advertising tools and channels to use and what to do to become recognizable among users?

Website promotion is a long-term and multifaceted task

The Internet has taken other media by storm and has become a great tool to advertise your services. However, in order to promote a website on the Internet and achieve permanent, long-term goals, promotion using a single marketing tool or channel is not enough. There is a need to combine actions within the various advertising channels offered by online marketing. The Internet guarantees many opportunities - which ones are worth taking advantage of?

Search Engine Optimization - The King of Internet Marketing?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a series of activities aimed at improving the position of a given website in the organic, that is, organic, Google issuance. These are both internal and external activities performed by building a link profile. Moreover, an effective SEO strategy is based not only on technical actions, but also on creating attractive, interesting content with key phrases. Although SEO activities require a lot of time and work, they bring very stable results in the long run. Studies show that 51% of users click on the first link displayed in Google search after entering a specific password, so there is something to fight for.

What SEO actions are based on a particular page?

Mainly on:

website technical optimization, including:
– title, i.e. page title (on the search results page, it is above the page address),
– meta description, i.e. short description, which the Google search engine displays at the address of our website in search results,
- editing URLs to include key phrases,
- graphic arts - both in names and in the so-called. descriptions of alternative images should include key phrases,

choosing the right keywords (the more specific the phrases, the greater the chance that we will attract a user who is really interested in the offer or product),
positioning on phrases from the so-called. the long tail is the phrases that answer the most search queries; are more specific than key phrases and therefore less popular but generate very valuable traffic,
creating interesting and optimized content, containing key phrases in:
– page title,
- headers
- main content,

creation of a convenient and intuitive interface of the site.
We must not forget that the site must be adaptive, i. correctly displayed on devices with screens of different sizes (smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops). To find out if a website is mobile friendly, you can use the Google Test Mobile Friendly tool.
The ranking factor that affects the position of the site in the search engine is also the page load speed, which we can check, among other things. using Google Analytics.

Become a blogger and an expert in your industry

Are you just starting your adventure with your own corporate website? One great way to increase traffic to your website is to blog. Using free tools like the Google Keyword Planner, you can find out which keywords related to your business are getting users' attention. Based on this, it is worth creating engaging content that answers the questions of potential customers and dispels their doubts. In this way, you create additional subpages on your website that are indexed by Google. The more such valuable subpages, the higher your site's ranking in search results.

What are the added benefits of running your own blog? Above all:
you create the image of an expert,
you support conversion growth,
you can get valuable links leading to your site,
you are expanding your network of contacts in the industry.

Getting links - a way to increase website traffic

An interesting solution is also to publish a post on someone else's site with a link to your site. So you get a valuable link with much more positioning value than links from directories or internet forums. Moreover, it is very likely that a reader interested in your post will also visit your site. If you're doing business with other entrepreneurs in your industry, consider link exchanges as well, which will benefit both parties.

Advertising system Google Ads - quickly attract new customers

Sponsored links highlighted as "ads" in Google search results appear in different places - at the top of the results list, on the side, or at the bottom. Google is testing various solutions, but that doesn't change the fact that PCC ads created with Google Ads are a great way to advertise high-margin products. This is because the calculation with Google is made per click (Cost Per Click) on the ad and the transition to the site, and rates may vary.

When using the Google Ads system, it is worth:

promote ourselves with keywords that best fit our business profile or the product being advertised (for example, using the Google Keyword Planner),
optimize bids on an ongoing basis and look for new key phrases,
Constantly analyze the number of conversions and campaign costs.
Poorly chosen keywords will not only cost us, they will not bring you conversions, and will further increase your bounce rate. However, a well-optimized Google Ads campaign has many advantages - it allows you to quickly evaluate the effectiveness (by installing a special code that counts conversions on the site), as well as create text ads in the Google search engine and graphic (contextual) advertising on pages using the AdSense advertising system.

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  1. And just a couple of hours ago I was asking questions to connoisseurs about the promotion of my site of modern poetry. And here everything is so intelligibly told that the search for answers to my questions has disappeared by itself. One thing is clear to me: you need to turn to specialists. I myself will not pull this promotion. Thank you for understanding.

    1. Yes, I agree, everything seems to be clear, but there is a question, can I even guarantee that my site will advance after all the manipulations? With this, you definitely need to see specialists.

  2. I have been sitting for the second day and thinking about how to start promoting my online store, after that I decided to look for something useful about this on the Internet and came across this article. So many new terms and actions that must be observed in order for the promotion to be good. I think I can't handle this on my own, and I need the support and help of experts in this industry. I will be glad if you contact me.

  3. Alexander Olegovich Kosyakov says:

    I have long been convinced that it is almost impossible to make a site popular only due to interesting content filled with all sorts of attractive moments for readers. Only by turning to professionals in their field, you can promote this very site and make it more noticeable.

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    Ksenia, you don't need to be in doubt if you want to make your site popular and get daily traffic. Articles like this don't come from the sky. They are written by those who have enough experience in promoting

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  6. So much new, interesting, necessary, and productive information that I was already a little confused. With your article, I think things will go better for me. And I especially liked the section of obtaining links as a way to increase site traffic.

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