Let's help Ukraine together!

Dear Colleagues!

The situation in Ukraine does not leave us indifferent, and we join the "help to Ukraine" campaign.

We will transfer 20% of the cost of each project to the Ukraine Assistance Fund.


  1. After we approve the acceptance of the TOR for work and tell you the cost of the project, you pay 20% of the cost for https://savelife.in.ua/en/donate and send us a screenshot of the payment. The remaining 80% is paid to us after receiving the project report.
  2. You can pay us all 100% of the project cost, in this case, after receiving the payment, we ourselves will make a transfer to the Ukraine Assistance Fund through the service https://www.siepomaga.pl/ukraina (more convenient for us in terms of payment methods) and in the note to the transfer indicate “Crowd Groups – the name of the project for which we are translating”. (And we send you a confirmation of our transfer).


For everyone who has already issued invoices for payment: You can also pay 20% of the amount of payments to savelife.in.ua, the remaining 80% to our account. Or, after receiving payment from you, we will report on the transfer of funds to the Ukraine Assistance Fund.


In connection with the registration of the company's activities, we deduct 5% instead of 20% to the Fund of Ukraine, since 50% of the project cost goes to the salaries of the performers + additional expenses for paying taxes + paying for health care + pension contributions. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to transfer 20%, as in connection with the registration of activities, additional costs for taxes, etc. have appeared.


Hold on, Ukraine, the whole world is for you!

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4 comment

  1. Vladimir V says:

    Yes, let it be Russia that will stop the war against our country. We want peace and kindness. I want this to end soon...

  2. Russia has already become rich in UKRAINE, our Nenko has recognized the loss of her children (Ukrainians), innocent people are suffering through a tyrant, for whom it’s not enough, nothing hvilyuє dumka.

  3. What good fellows you are, I wholeheartedly support the Ukrainian people..this is a useless war. Glory to Ukraine!!

  4. I close the topic for discussion, as the discussion goes into political disputes.

The discussion is closed.

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