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How to promote a website for free?

Surely many are wondering what to do to promote the site for free. Do you understand how blogging helps any website? So let's check out what we can do to promote our website for free.

Running a website always comes with a cost. They are not always small, more often large. However, you can reach a wider group of people at a low cost, or you can do it completely free.

Internet blog

First of all, you must remember that every site needs to evolve. This is done, for example, by regularly adding new subpages. However, it should be remembered that in the case of corporate sites, there is not much room for maneuver. It is difficult to expand subpages such as Offer, Gallery or Contacts. What about this? The solution is a blog. This is a good solution for getting a new subpage type. The blog can be expanded by adding additional materials. If your site is based on WordPress, blogging is free.

Новостная рассылка

An additional form of communication with recipients is mailing. This is an easy way to inform customers about various events related to our company.

Therefore, the question arises: how to promote the site using the mailing list and without incurring any costs? You can bet, for example, on a tool called "MailChimp". Until two thousand subscribers are typed, the service is completely free. The platform allows you to send email messages to recipients that may relate to new articles, promotions and contests. The subject of the mailing list can be anything. However, it is important that it is attractive to subscribers.

If the website is based on the WordPress CMS system, you can also use the "Sumo" toolkit. It includes paid solutions, but many basic versions of various applications are available for free. The combination of MailChimp and Sumo makes it easy to create a pop-up window, after filling it, subscribers will be added to the list.

Social Networks

Another free content distribution channel is social networks, in which it is worth having several accounts. It is through them that you can from time to time inform users about what is happening in our company. Facebook turns out to be the main and in most cases the best solution.

So is it worth betting on other social networks as well? It depends on what our company does and what services or products it offers. If our business is focused on visual issues, go ahead, you can choose from solutions like Instagram and Pinterest. Of course, other activities can be advertised through these portals, but you must have an idea of ​​how to present content that describes the goals of our company.

Optimization for positioning

Start by skillfully choosing topics for your blog posts. Concentrate on those questions that can solve the problems of your blog visitors. It is also worth using a free WordPress plugin called Yoast SEO. When creating an article - in the mode of a separate post - the plugin shows a number of very useful tips. Each of them is marked with a light bulb of one of three colors: green, orange or red. Of course, following all the “blind” advice of the plugin is not the best solution, because the most important thing is that the text is legible and solves the problems of users of your site.

Comments on other blogs

Many people will ask how to promote a website for free by commenting on other blogs? Definitely not spam - no one will accept. First of all, the comments you add must be valuable. They should contribute to the current discussion. You should select only those sites that are related to yours. From time to time, you may want to add a link to your site in a comment. If the application is valuable and useful, you can count on the administrator to review it positively.

Extensive blog entries

When it comes to extensive blog posts, they perform well in search results. Search engine robots describe them as valuable. They contain many relevant keywords and images. All this generates traffic. Whenever you can, from time to time - for example, once a month - create a text that can be described as a collection of knowledge on the topic.

However, you should make sure that the entry is completely exhaustive on the topic, so it should contain all the useful photos and tips. This will be appreciated not only by search engine robots, but also by users themselves. It must be remembered that valuable materials are better remembered, and they are also shared much more often - for example, on social networks.

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