What is multi-level link building

In SEO backlinks not everyone is the same (like before).
Some are powerful, others seem to be non-existent.

In this article, I will review layered linking technique how to use it, pros and cons.

What is multi-level link building

Creating multilevel links means building backlinks to your backlinks.
The main goal is to increase the amount of link juice transferred from your backlink profile to the target site.

You will have a backlink 1 level pointing to your website, then several 2nd level backlinks pointing to a site with backlinks 1 level and then some backlinks 3 level pointing to the site 2 level .

What are the benefits of layered link building?

Creation of multilevel links sounds like a stupid idea why not make all backlinks point directly to your site?
Why complicate things with backlinks second и third level ?
Here are some of the benefits of this technique.

Economic Grade Juice

Quality backlinks are expensive and take a lot of time to manage.
Let's say you want to guest post on an authoritative industry blog.
The cost is likely to be anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand euros, regardless of the time it takes to write a post.
Therefore, there will most likely be a limit to the amount of quality backlinks you can afford.

One way to solve this problem is to create more backlinks, but of lower quality, at a fraction of the cost, and direct them to level 2 .

Simple risk management

It's actually very convenient to have multiple degrees of separation between your main site and lower quality backlinks. Let's say you feel like a certain batch of backlinks second or third level hurts your rankings - all you have to do is go up one level and remove just one backlink to cut dozens or even hundreds of backlinks.

More room for error

The impact of backlinks second и third level not as strong as the impact of backlinks first level .
They don't point directly to your website, so even if they break any of Google's policies, it won't affect your site immediately.

This means you will have more freedom to experiment.
You can try different tools to build different backlink packages, try different profiling platforms, you can also post comments and be as arrogant as you want in the forums.
Try as many tests as you like and find out what works and what doesn't, then remove any backlinks that start to get in your way.

Hidden self-promotion

In most online communities, self-promotion is strongly discouraged.
Even if you publish a paid guest post , you often have a limit on the number of links to your site.
So, instead of linking to your website, why not link to one of your level 1 pages?
You will pass on the link juice to your side and avoid the risk of being withdrawn for self-promotion.

Credible backlink profile

For those who artificially create backlinks, the challenge is to make them believe they are natural.
This means that there must be a healthy combination dofollow и nofollow , high quality and low quality links and links from various websites, including blogs, forums, social networks and many others, and as Google increasingly improves its ability to identify link schemes and networks these profiles must be increasingly complex so that they cannot be identified.

In this respect multi-level backlink profile is a way to achieve depth and variety.
This allows you to introduce organized chaos into your scheme, misleading Google .

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