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What are backlinks?

referrals called backlinks or "inbound links", are links from another website to one of your pages. They are used to build trust (“authority”) for your content. Google and other search engines consider backlinks to be the rank of a particular page. They tell search engines, "This content is valuable, trustworthy, and useful." 

However, not all backlinks are the same. Quality Backlinks: 

As a result, pages with lots of high-quality backlinks usually also rank highly organically in search engines.

How do you measure the SEO authority of your website?

There are many elements that determine the search performance of your site, but one of the most important factors is the number and value of your backlinks. Create a backlink profile to analyze the volume and quality of backlinks to your site. 

What is your "backlink profile"?

Your backlink profile is a list of all websites that are currently linking to your website, including how they link to your website and what the pages they link to.

Your backlink profile shows 

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