An innovative approach to crowdlinks: no spam from forums

Crowdlinks have become an integral part of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to improve search engine rankings. However, along with the growing popularity of this method, the problems associated with the use of spam and low-quality links have also increased. In this article, we present an innovative approach to crowd-links that eliminates spam and is based on the use of links from forums collected from real users. Our company, Crowd Groups, offers just such links that will help increase the visibility of your website and improve its reputation.

An innovative approach to crowdlinks from Crowd Groups

How does Crowd Groups collect links from real users?

Our team includes a group of crowd marketers from around the world. All of them are added to our posting system. Our posting system is set up in such a way that our crowd marketers can interact with each other without prior agreement.
We set up our posting system in this wayTo every action on the forum was done by different and unique users: After we start the project, 3 new tasks are activated in the system (Creating a new topic, writing comments, posting a link).
Initially, tasks for creating new topics are available, and after our users create new topics on the topics they have set and on the forums we have proposed, they send a report on the completion of this task. The report goes to the moderator for review, and if everything is done correctly, the moderator confirms the execution and the next task “Writing a comment” is activated. In this task, other users of our system are already invited to leave comments in the topics created by our moderator on the forums (in the amount of 2 comments).
So, our theme is already prepared for placing a link in it: After 2 comments appear in the topic, the next task “Placing a link” is activated. The next user of our system is invited to leave a comment with a link in a forum topic prepared by us. When the task is completed and sent for review, the “Comment writing” task is activated again in the amount of 2 pieces to close our link with neutral comments in order to avoid suspicion of spam.

What are crowdlinks and why are they important?

Crowd links, also known as crowd marketing links or user-generated links, are links to your website posted on various platforms on the internet from real users. These links are not created by the site owner, but by other users who recommend or mention your site in forums, blogs, social networks, and other online communities.
The role of crowdlinks in SEO is to help increase your website's visibility and reputation on search engines like Google. Search engines consider the quality and quantity of links pointing to your site when determining its relevance and authority.

Here are a few main reasons why crowdlinks are important in SEO:

Authority and relevance: Crowdlinks from users are considered more authoritative and relevant as they are based on recommendations and real user experiences. Search engines pay more attention to such links and consider them as trusted sources of information.
Organic traffic: Crowdlinks can drive organic traffic to your website. When users see positive reviews or recommendations about your site from other users, they are more likely to click through and review your content or offer.
Reputation Boost: Crowdlinks can help improve your website's reputation. If your site gets positive reviews and mentions from real users, it gives the impression of reliability and quality to search engines and visitors.
Improve positions in search engines: Quality crowdlinks can increase your site's position in search results. Search engines use algorithms that analyze the links on your site, and if those links are trusted and relevant, this can positively impact your rankings.
It is important to note that the quality of crowdlinks matters more than their quantity. Search engines try to distinguish natural and organic links from spam, so it's important to aim for links from high-quality and trusted sources to avoid negative consequences for your site's reputation.

Using crowdlinks without spamming is an important factor in a successful SEO strategy. Crowd Groups offers an innovative approach to crowdlinks based on the use of forum links from real users. Our approach helps to improve your site's position in search engines, increase its reputation and attract organic traffic. Using our service, you can be sure of the quality and safety of the provided crowd links.

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